Friday, May 1, 2015

May Faire excerpt from A Taste of Honey

Here's another little excerpt to celebrate  Bealtaine.           

        [Lucy] made her way from the little enclosure and headed back up the garden path.  It was a beautiful evening.  Dragonflies danced jewel-like in the warm spring air, and the late afternoon sun poured down around her like a thick, golden syrup.  The grass had been mown that afternoon and beneath her feet the ground was warm and soft and damp.  Lucy knew the bottoms of her bare feet were probably turning green, but she didn’t care.  She stopped to breathe in the heady scents and for a moment her heart lifted and she felt like dancing, right there in the grass.  It was almost May Day.  And for just a moment she felt herself transported into the past...
            She was a junior in high school the night she and Lisa snuck out of the house to attend May Faire.  Lisa wanted to go for the sole purpose of spying on her boyfriend, Glenn, whom she suspected was once again sneaking around on her.  Lucy went along only to provide company and moral support.  They split up shortly after they got there, figuring they could cover more ground that way, and find Glenn faster.  But in no time at all the music and the magic of the moonlit night had gotten to her.  The fragrances of freshly cut grass and wood smoke from the blazing balefire, the intoxicating aroma of mead as it spilled down her throat, and over her clothes, and onto her dusty feet as well, made Lucy’s head spin and enflamed all her senses. 
            If Lisa had not intervened, Lucy might very well have ended up stripping off her clothes and joining in with the dancers who swirled in ecstatic circles around the fire; or she might have allowed herself to be led off into a secluded thicket by a handsome stranger.  Or, maybe even more than one.  Who knew what she might have done?  Or what might have happened to her, if Lisa had not reappeared when she had?
            “Hey!  Back off, you creeps!”  Lisa growled, as she pushed her way into the crowd that Lucy had been only dimly aware of as a warm, seething wall that surrounded her.  Lisa snatched the wineskin out of the hands of whomever had been squirting the mead into Lucy’s mouth at that point, and tossed it aside.  Lucy still remembered the resounding chorus of male voices that was raised in disappointed protest as she was grabbed by the arm and hauled roughly away.  “Jesus, Luce.  Have you gone insane?”
            “Oh, God, Lisa!” she murmured blissfully, practically bouncing with excitement.  “Let’s go back, Lisa, please!  I was having so much fun!”
            “Fun?  Right,”  Lisa growled as she continued to drag her relentlessly towards the car. 
            “Wait, what are you doing?”  Lucy protested, when she realized where they were headed.  “We’re not leaving already, are we?  Did you find Glenn?”
            Lisa shook her head.  “No.  He’s here somewhere, but it’s not worth sticking around to look for him.  I just wish I could figure out who he’s seeing this time.”  She lapsed into a thoughtful silence, but a moment later, her irrepressible smile had resurfaced.  “Shit, girl.  You’re the original wild thing tonight.  What the hell’s got into you all of a sudden?  You’ve gone totally pagan.  I swear, I have half a mind to toss you in a creek somewhere.  Might sober you up, and at the very least it would maybe wash the smell of that wine off your clothes.  You’re gonna have a hell of a time explaining that one to your mom!”
           “Ooh, a swim.”  Just the thought of it was irresistible.  “Yes!  Lisa, let’s do it!”

          “On second thought, let’s not and say we did,”  Lisa  answered, turning serious again.  “C’mon, hurry up.  I want to go home.”

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