Thursday, April 30, 2015

Such Fleeting Pleasures -- Free Downloads!

This is what I'll be bringing with me to RT next month along with some other miscellaneous it really only two weeks away? GAH! I am sooo not packed! 

Anyway, if you're there, and you haven't read Such Fleeting Pleasures yet, the price will never get lower. lol! Ao hit me up for your free download! And if you have read it, why not pick up a few for some friends?

I should be easy to spot. I'll be the one whose hair matches the Welcome to Oberon boxed set. No, not the girl on the cover, the cover itself, all turquoise and rose. See what I mean? Yep, that's me. 

And, if all else fails, you can definitely find me at the Giant Book Fair on Saturday! I'll be signing books from my Children of Night series...and anything else you feel like bringing in!  

Hope to see you there!