Sunday, May 15, 2022

Gone But Not Forgotten

I've lost some publishers along the way. Three of them, all of whom disappeared within a year or two of each other were Samhain, Loose Id, and Liquid Silver. And even though I've republished all the books I had with them, I do miss the camaraderie and support. That's why I'm always happy when the fabulous Allie Ritch reaches out to all the orphaned authors and creates a reunion post. Btw, this is a TON of work, because the years we were publishing with these three houses were, for many of us, our most productive years. In short, we're talking about a whole lot of books. 

Check 'em out here and maybe pick up a few would-have-been-favorite books that you might have missed. 

The publishers might be gone, but most of the books have been given a new life.